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  • Drugs cannot cure disease
  • Drugs conceal your pain, but the cause of your pain remains
  • Conventional medicines focus on stopping your symptoms
  • Pharmaceuticals are designed to keep you sick and dependent on their drugs
  • Most (if not all) pharmaceutical drugs have risky side effects
  • Pharmaceutical drugs can kill but do not heal
  • Pharmaceuticals normally create more health issues and disease

Should you reconsider your options?

The facts above are not an exhaustive list. However, this may be enough information to reconsider your health options.

It is important for you to understand that this document is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We provide this information so that you can use it to investigate healthier options.

The “good thing” about prescription drugs is that the pharmaceutical industry is required to list side effects and possible dangers of using their drugs. However, there are a growing number of Americans turning to these popularly prescribed drugs in spite of these horrible side effects. Could it be most people are unaware of the healthier alternatives?

Are There Healtheir Alternatives?

If you’re reading this, you probably are concerned and are looking for an alternative to the unhealthy drugs you are taking or are considering. There are healthier alternatives to your pain and suffering. Our Darrell's Wellness team is dedicated to informing you about healthier choices. 

Click here to see a report about a healthy pain relief alternative now legal in all 50 states. Continue reading to see the top 4 pain "killers" that are LITERALLY dangerous enough to kill.

Something to think about...

Car accidents have been our nation’s leading cause of accidental death for the past century. However, that now has changed because more Americans die from prescription pills -- this includes the most popular ones on the market today. See if yours is on the list below.

Stay Informed!

Occasionally receive information about healthy alternatives you may want to investigate for yourself.

Sick of pain meds that make you feel even worse?

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This document provides a short list of:

The Top 10 Most Dangerous Rx Drugs in the United States
(Four of Them are Pain Medications That Can Kill)

This list of brand name and generic drugs was compiled from the Drug Abuse Warning Network's (DAWN's) database of emergency room visits in 2009, including drug poisonings that lead to both deaths and survivals.












Brand Name 











Generic Name


(oxycodone drugs)

(hydrocodone drugs)




(Morphine drugs)





(benzodiazepine class)

(opiate class)

(opiate class)

(opiate class)

 (benzodiazepine class)

 (benzodiazepine class)

(opiate class)

(antipsychotic class)

(sedative class)

 (benzodiazepine class)

Approximately 41,000 Americans died from prescription medication “poisonings” in 2008. A more recent report released by the 2018 National Drug Threat Assessment states, “There were more deaths from drug poisoning in 2016 than motor vehicle crashes, homicides, suicides, and firearms, and for the first time there were more deaths from synthetic opioids (includes fentanyl), than other illicit drugs.”

In conclusion, you are reading a controversial report. Although the information can be verified, the pharmaceutical industry prefers (it seems) that you do not know about the alternatives to their dangerous, killer drugs.

You could be part of our drug-free revolution. We are committed to sharing life-changing alternatives that could allow you to live a pain-free and drug-free life for years to come.

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